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1901-1934: “Yankee Imperialism” in Latin America

GlobalResearch 26 Oct 2021
The so-called “legitimate commercial aims” of the Boston-based United Fruit Company, to take one example, included purchasing large amounts of land in Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica, developing railroads and ports mainly for the export of bananas and coffee, establishing ...

A sustainable approach to ending hunger

Mail Guardian South Africa 20 Oct 2021
No one intervention alone can solve the hunger problem ... For example, the US and Dutch governments have been working with the German coffee company Neumann Kaffee Gruppe and three European banks to provide a $25-million loan to small farmers in Colombia, Kenya, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, and Uganda for sustainable coffee production.

Honduras' presidential candidate, Nasry 'Tito' Asfura, supports the country's banana sector

Fresh Plaza 19 Oct 2021
More than 12,000 hectares in Honduras are used to produce bananas, 25% of these hectares are owned by independent producers ... He also said that, if he became the next president of Honduras, he would commit to strengthening this sector that generates employment for many families and is the second source of income, after coffee.

Kamala Harris came in to solve issues in Central America. But the problem is now ...

News-Press Now 15 Oct 2021
Most minors apprehended on the US southern border are from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras -- a region where major hurricanes and the coronavirus pandemic took a devastating toll ... Fantini Porter also recently sampled the first cup off Honduras-sourced Nespresso coffee as the company makes inroads there.

World Economic Forum Hosts PCA Executive Director Jonathan Fantini Porter

The Philadelphia Tribune 09 Oct 2021
During the presentation, Fantini Porter noted that "over the last 90 days, since the Partnership for Central America was launched, this coalition of civil society actors have delivered real outcomes on the ground, including sourcing the first coffee beans from Honduras and El Salvador and breaking ground on the first internet connectivity projects.

Keurig Dr Pepper safeguards coffee's future by partnering to empower coffee growers

GreenBiz 05 Oct 2021
Agency for International Development (USAID) to create the Partnership for Sustainable Coffee (PSC), a three-year project that reached 183 farmer businesses in Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Peru, Rwanda and Uganda, supporting sustainable livelihoods for 330,000 smallholder coffee farmers and their families.

El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua: Key Message Update - Seasonal improvements with the primera harvest begin to reduce food insecurity, September 2021

Reliefweb 01 Oct 2021
Poor households in the Honduran Dry Corridor and the coffee-producing areas of central and eastern Honduras are likely to continue experiencing Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes through January ... Nonetheless, labor demand for coffee and sugar cane harvests in Honduras is expected to be ...

Kamala Harris sees solution to migration crisis in coffee beans, credit cards and Wi-Fi

The Los Angeles Times 29 Sep 2021
But the expansion of a collaboration between small coffee farmers and Nespresso, a Swiss coffee giant, exemplifies the hope and limitations of a broader U.S ... A worker harvests coffee beans in Honduras near its border with Nicaragua ... corrupt governments in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Is your National Coffee Day cup filled with US-grown coffee? Not likely, but that could change

Hendersonville Times-News 29 Sep 2021
consumes and imports more coffee than any other country in the world. But could a nation full of coffee drinkers ever grow a significant portion of its own here? Maybe. In California, there's a domestic coffee farming initiative brewing. More than 70 coffee farms led by Frinj Coffee founder Jay Ruskey are in various states of production ... Coffee makers.

National Coffee Day: Get your fix at these Bucks County cafes. And, check out where ...

The Doylestown Intelligencer 29 Sep 2021
Coffee lovers, it's your day! ... 29 is National Coffee Day, a day to celebrate all things brewed and caffeinated in the U.S ... (And don't worry; International Coffee Day is just around the corner, on Oct ... Try their new, Bird Friendly certified coffee, a roast from Honduras with tasting notes of mandarin orange, cocoa, and walnut ... The Coffee Room, Newtown.

A jack in the price of joe: Why your morning cup of coffee could cost ...

The Los Angeles Times 28 Sep 2021
After hovering for years near $1 per pound, coffee futures — the price that large-volume buyers agree to pay for coffee upon delivery months down the road — doubled in late July, reaching heights not seen since 2014 ... “A lot of farms are being abandoned,” says Sonia Vásquez, an organic coffee grower on the slopes of San José in southwest Honduras.

Honduras' agricultural sector is still dealing with the consequences of Eta and Iota

Fresh Plaza 27 Sep 2021
Honduras has managed to diversify its export basket, boosting crops such as coffee, palm oil, bananas, melons, watermelons, tubers, and vegetables.

Central America and Caribbean Key Message Update: Food insecurity increases in Haiti and persists in other parts of the region, September 2021

Reliefweb 24 Sep 2021
... will not be sufficient to avoid Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes for the poorest households of the Honduran and Guatemalan Dry Corridor, areas impacted by Eta and Iota and the coffee-producing areas of central and eastern Honduras and western El Salvador through January 2022.

Great Taste Awards 2021: Which Irish products make the grade?

The Irish Times 21 Sep 2021
Velo Coffee’s Velo Morning Fixie, a 100 per cent Arabica espresso blend; Pure Roast Coffee’s Valentia, a Brazilian bean; Greenbean Coffee Roasters’ Torero, an Arabica blend from Mexico, Ethiopia, Brazil and Honduras, and Java The Hut’s Spezial, a Colombian natural process coffee ... Velo Coffee ... Pure Roast Coffee ... Greenbean Coffee Roasters.

Mike Yardley: Pleasures galore in Wairarapa

NewstalkZB 18 Sep 2021
Mike Yardley. Spring swing through the Wairarapa. From rugged coasts and rolling hills to storybook townships and serene vineyards, rolling through the Wairarapa on a free-roaming holiday is like a picnic-basket of pleasure ... The onsite coffee roastery imports beans from Honduras, the homeland of the café’s delightfully hands-on owner, Marvin Guerrero.